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What People Have Said

Author of 53 Grove Road

The finished work would not have been possible without your expert eye and attention to detail. Thank you!"

Meghan J. Ward 
Editor | Publisher, Crowfoot Media and the Canadian Rockies Annual

She was thoughtful and generous with her feedback and I appreciated her honesty and guidance. She is a talented editor with a diverse skill set and keen attention to detail.

Dr. K. Rettie, PhD, MA, FRGS, FRAI.

Jen is a true professional. [She] increases the value of my work and saves me from the stress of editing my own words (over and over again). Jen plays a key role in keeping me published - and sane."


Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Sudbury at Laurentian

Jen edited a book manuscript for me and provided excellent feedback, insightful comments, and discreet questioning along with her grammatical and syntactical editing. She improved the quality of my manuscript immensely and always met deadlines. In short, solid, accurate editing.

Author of Motorcycle Therapy and Through Dust and Darkness

Jen Groundwater is

the Xena, Warrior Princess

of copy editing.

WHERE Canadian Rockies

Jen has been a regular contributor of articles and editorial 'hot tips' to Where Canadian Rockies for years. She is reliable, and her writing is both lucid and insightful

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