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Editing Fees

Most of the work I do is a combination of proofreading, copy editing, and structural/stylistic editing. Depending on your budget, time and requirements, I can deliver a simple touch-up or a major makeover.

I promise you:

  • A free assessment of your project

  • A free cost estimate

  • Strict confidentiality

Final proofread - If your project is nearly complete, I can do a final read-through to zap any little lurking errors.

Copy edit - A thorough editing job that clears up spelling, grammar, punctuation and other mechanical problems to ensure consistency throughout the text.

Stylistic edit - This type of editing involves a Q&A process between you and me to create clearer prose: replace jargon with real words, eliminate fogginess and over-writing, and expand items where not enough explanation is given.

Structural edit - I will work closely with you to clarify your entire manuscript or document. Be prepared for me to make plenty of suggestions and ask a lot of questions. I may ask you to rewrite parts of the manuscript. At the end of this collaborative process, you will emerge with a more coherent and readable manuscript.

Writing Fees

Corporate communications - I usually charge by the hour and I will provide you with a cost estimate prior to beginning work.

Features and other creative writing commissions - Please contact me to discuss your project.

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