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I work with you
to make your work better! 

Many creative people have wonderful stories to tell, but get confused about the ins and outs of putting them on paper.


I can help you take your ideas and make them shine! And the process can actually be fun, We share the same goal - making your work the very best it can be. 

Gently, I will:

  • make suggestions

  • ask questions

  • push you to make your work the best it can be

Doggedly, I will:

  • fix the tedious bits for you: spelling bloopers, typos, unexpected font changes

  • look up all the stuff you don't want to deal with (like the proper format for bibliographies)

  • return your edited project to you on time and on budget

How it works

  • We get to know each other through at least one phone call or personal meeting. 

  • We agree to work together. (I have a standard contract we can use.)

  • You email me your most recent document.

  • You relax while I get to work. (Only one of us should be working on your document at a time.)

  • I work my (gentle, dogged) magic and send back the edited document.

  • That's it! Well, not quite...


How it really works


Like many editors these days, I edit almost exclusively on-screen, putting editorial changes, comments and questions directly into your document using the Track Changes tool. (I can send you a list of questions separately if you prefer).

When I send back the document, you can see every single change I've made, and if you like, you can dig deep into them, accepting or rejecting them one by one. You can also ask me about any change I've made. After all, it's your document.


I also send back one copy with all the changes already accepted, so you can see how it reads without all the red ink. Start by reading this one and go back into the Track Changes version to compare. 

There is usually some back and forth while we get everything answered and cleared up, and then you're good to go. 

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