If you think words matter, you've come to the right place.

Jennifer Groundwater - writer and editorWords matter very much to Jen Groundwater. With several non-fiction titles to her credit and years of experience within the publishing industry, Jen understands the writing process from inception to publication. Like her work, she is detail-oriented and creative.

A clear and perceptive writer, she is able to connect with her subjects in order to convey a message, evoke a mood, or tell a story.

An experienced and astute editor, she draws out the meaning and magic in her authors’ sometimes tangled words. Her unique combination of pickiness and sensitivity means she will edit your work ruthlessly...but it will hardly hurt at all.

Based in Canmore, Alberta, Jen is able to work via email with clients anywhere in the world.

She will deliver your projects on time and on budget, since those things matter, too.



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